To comfortably allow for shipping and possible alterations, we recommend a
year to 9 months to start the search for your wedding gown.

On average wedding gowns take about 4-6 months to arrive while bridesmaid
dresses and special occasion gowns take about 3-5months.

Our gowns start around $1,000 - $4,000, the sweet spot being around $1200-
2000. We can serve lower price points with off the rack options.

We provide the option of a down payment of 50% to be able to order the gown.
As you are waiting for the dress to arrive, you may make payments on it as you
choose. Once the gown arrives in the store, the balance is due.

Although we measure your bust, waist, and hips before we order you gown, our
designers go by a size chart when making their dresses. Because of this, there
will always be a few adjustments that must be made to have a perfect fit. One of
the key advantages we have over many of our competitors Is that we do offer in-
house alterations, performed by Suzanne, herself. Because the job stay truly in-
house, our prices are comparatively better because there is no middle man.


We suggest starting alterations about 2-3 months before your wedding date.

Although we provide an onsite seamstress, alterations are not included with the

We give a price range of $300-$600 for alterations of wedding gowns. It usually
averages about $300-400 for the normal things, likes adjusting the sides, hem,
bustle, etc. but can get to the higher end if you do more redesigning of the dress,
i.e, adding sleeves, more beading, temple build ups.

There are many gowns in our closets and mannequins up front that you may
browse. Our expert stylists are trained to listen and pull dresses based on your
requests and price point.

While we have over 500 gowns in stock, they are at various price points. There
are six basic silhouettes in bridal and everything is a variation on a theme. Often
time when brides are met with a vast selection of choice, they can tend to be
overwhelmed by it. Our stylists are well versed in product knowledge and are
amazingly good at “narrowing the field” for our brides to make it a less
overwhelming choice and a more fun and productive experience. When left to
choose at random brides may inadvertently choose gowns out of their price
point and fall in love with an unattainable dress. Our stylists are trained so they
pull styles in the price point that makes everyone happy without causing undue
stress to our bride. The most unkind thing we can do is to make our bride fall in
love with a dress they cannot have.

All of our gowns are available to special order and “buy brand new” and to buy
off our racks.

We do! We like to say “We are a one stop shop!” We offer everything for your
bridal party needs! We carry wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, mother of the
occasion, gowns, special occasion gowns, flower girl gowns, and even offer
tuxedo rentals!